Splitting Responsibly Sourced Wood with Your Own Log Splitter

Homesteaders and DIYers often consider themselves to be stewards of the Earth. They use what they produce from the Earth or they sell it at local markets. They take and give from the land, and they are self-sufficient. This group of driven individuals takes a back-to-their-roots approach to life, but they are not without technology or against using the gifts of modern day life.

When it comes to heating, stewards of the Earth rely on alternative energy such as solar and wind energy, but they may have a fireplace or stove. That means they need wood. A splitting maul works for a while, but eventually, arms and shoulders give way to the need for a log splitter.

Electric and gas log splitters each have advantages and disadvantages. For the homesteader, a gas-powered log splitter may be advantageous because of its portability. If one lives in town and is simply a DIYer, an electric option may be more environmentally friendly. It is worth noting that electric log splitters don’t have as much power as gas-powered.

The options regarding log splitters are many, and people have even finagled contraptions using air compressors and automobile jacks to make their own log splitters. Regardless of the type of log splitter, it greatly eases the work involved in splitting wood.


There is a largely unknown responsibility when acquiring the wood to split. Forests that are well-managed regulate the amount of timber that can be removed from it. Wood should never be illegally taken, and people should not purchase wood that came from controversial sources. Deforestation around the world is eliminating animal habitats, and conservation efforts fail when people waste resources.

Therefore, firewood purchasers must confirm where wood was cut and identify wood permits that allowed for the legal harvesting of the tree. People who are legitimate, legal woodcutters will easily be able to provide that information.

Guilt-free log splitting

Homesteaders and DIYers understand the fulfillment that comes with hard work, and these hard workers are able to sleep well at night knowing they are living in a socially responsible way. There’s no better way to wreck that comfort than by purchasing irresponsibly-sourced wood. Save our forests and the homes of thousands of species by being responsible when selecting your wood source. Then, bring it home and power up your log splitter. You’ll be able to cut your entire wood pile in one sitting if you have a decent log splitter.